[cifs-protocol] RE: How is LSA_FOREST_TRUST_BINARY_DATA filled in?

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We have completed investigation on your clarification questions regarding the [MS-LSAD] LSA_FOREST_TRUST_BINARY_DATA structure.
This structure is not used in the current released version of the document [MS-LSAD] v20080828. We will add this information in a latter release of the specification.
LSA_FOREST_TRUST_BINARY_DATA is present for forward compatibility of this protocol. This forward compatibility has not been used in Windows. Forest trusts were introduced in Windows Server 2003. Windows Server 2003 and 2008 implement the same definition of LSA_FOREST_TRUST_RECORD_TYPE (the type of forest trust record). Therefore there is no example to illustrate at the moment how to fill in this structure.

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Subject: How is LSA_FOREST_TRUST_BINARY_DATA filled in?

In MS-LSAD 2.2.67 it indicates the following structure:

  The LSA_FOREST_TRUST_BINARY_DATA structure is used to communicate a forest trust record.
    typedef struct _LSA_FOREST_TRUST_BINARY_DATA {
      unsigned long Length;
      [size_is(Length)] unsigned char* Buffer;

What fills in this binary structure?  This is used in 2.2.69 LSA_FOREST_TRUST_RECORD.

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