[cifs-protocol] RE: (more) Backing store for Trusted domain object creation time and flags

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I will be working this issue with you.  I need to do some research regarding the problem you are seeing but will get back to you shortly.  The case # for this issue is SRX081013600078.

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Subject: (more) Backing store for Trusted domain object creation time and flags

In 2.2.69 LSA_FOREST_TRUST_RECORD it states:

typedef struct _LSA_FOREST_TRUST_RECORD {
  unsigned long Flags;

Time: The date and time when this entry was created. It is a 64-bit value that represents the
  number of 100-nanosecond intervals since January 1, 1601, UTC.

I presume this is just the whenCreated attribute on this record, but no link is made.

However, I'm more puzzled by the 'Flags' - where does this come from (in terms of LDAP attributes)?


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