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  Richard and the product team informed me that it has been found during IOLab event that the  ditContentRules in subschema element was the root cause of the domain trust problem.  They think that it might also address ADCU problem too.   I would just like to confirm with you whether this is true and I can close the case.  If not,  please let me know the current status on this issue after the IOLab event and how you like us to proceed.   If the problem still exists, you  could send us proper data (network trace and/or logs) for further investigation.


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On Tue, 2008-09-23 at 12:36 -0700, Hongwei Sun wrote:
> Andrew,
> >> Andrew,
> >>
> >>    Does this  mean that you cannot duplicate the issue any more ?
> >Correct.  However, my original reporter still reproduces the issue.
> Could you explain a little bit more about this ?   If you put
> everything back to original condition, you can still see the problem
> with XP ADCU.

For me, I now have success all the time.  Presumably the client cached something, or is simply non-deterministic.

>  After some changes made to schema, the problem doesn't occur any
> more.  Is my understanding right ?

I wish :-).  According to my reporter, he still gets failures, in old versions and new.  I've CC'ed him so he can clarify the situation.

> Should I still concentrate on the original condition under which we have a capture ?
> Is it possible for you to send us a network trace for the current successful condition so we can compare ?

I think the trace is the same (as I get success regardless of new or old code), but I'll see what I can do.

The bug tracking this (with a few distractions) is:


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