[cifs-protocol] Email for Case SRX081002601173

Edgar Olougouna edgaro at microsoft.com
Fri Oct 3 17:29:52 GMT 2008

******* The following is an email for a support case from Microsoft Corp.
******* DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE--your email will not be added to
******* the case if you do.  Instead, FORWARD your response to the
******* email address COMPMAIL at MICROSOFT.COM and place your text after
******* the keyword 'MESSAGE:'.  Also, delete all other text above
******* and below the keywords 'CASE_ID_NUM: SRnnn' and 'MESSAGE:'
******* to ensure proper delivery of your email.  Thank you.

CASE_ID_NUM: SRX081002601173
********************** The message for you follows ************************
Hi Ronnie,

I will be working with you to solve this case.

In the [MS-GPEF] EfsKey packet, you mentioned you are seeing a 4 byte integer with the value 0x00000001  between the Reserved2 field and the first byte of the SID.
Could you send us the trace?

Best regards,

Edgar A. Olougouna
Sr. SEE, Microsoft DSC Protocol Team | Email: edgaro at microsoft.com | Tel: +1.469.775.7189 x 57189

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