[cifs-protocol] MS-LSAD Missing procedures

John Dunning johndun at microsoft.com
Mon Nov 10 18:39:20 GMT 2008

Hello Andrew,
   I will be assisting you with this and will update you as soon as I have news.

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On Tue, 2008-09-30 at 20:59 -0700, tridge at samba.org wrote:
> Hi Ronnie,
>  > However, both Wireshark and also Samba4 IDL files contain hints
> that  > there should be more procedures on this interface :
>  >
>  > /* Function 0x4b */
>  >
>  > /* Function 0x4c */
>  > NTSTATUS lsa_LookupSids3(
>  >
>  > /* Function 0x4d */
>  > NTSTATUS lsa_LookupNames4(
> note that some of these are in MS-LSAT instead of MS-LSAD.
> I haven't checked that they are all there, but some of the key ones
> are.

It is certainly unfortunate that this apparent artefact of some per-protocol licence program spills over into the IDL.  Could we please have the full IDL (and preferably the full protocol) reproduced in a single place, or at least the stubs cross-referenced?

Andrew Bartlett

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