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Hi Andrew:
Per your inquiry, following are the changes that will appear in the future version of [MS-NRPC]: Netlogon Remote Protocol Specification:

Section will reads as follows: Fields and Structures Used by Netlogon Pass-through Methods
During the design of the NetrLogonSamLogon method which is used for Netlogon pass-through,
three fields were created to pass information opaquely for applications:
* LogonLevel
* LogonInformation
* ValidationLevel
At that time it was thought that there would be four types of logon:
* Interactive
* Network
* Service
* Generic
In Windows, there were only three were used: Interactive, Network and Generic. Service type
remains an option that can be used by callers, and like all the Netlogon pass-through behavior must
be specified by the receiving protocol.

Current section will become section

A windows behavior is added in section
NetlogonServiceInformation: Logon information provided pertains to a service account logon.
      A service account acts as a nonprivileged user on the local computer and presents anonymous
      credentials to any remote server.<29><30>

Windows behavior is added in Appendix B: Windows behavior  as follows:
<30> Section Windows clients do not use this logon class.

In section , following sentence is added at the end of first paragraph:
For more information about Fields and Structures used by Netlogon pass-through methods, see section

Please let me know if this does not answer your question.

Obaid Farooqi
Sr. SEE | Microsoft

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In MS-NRPC NetrLogonSamLogonEx command uses NETLOGON_LEVEL typedef enum _NETLOGON_LOGON_INFO_CLASS{
    NetlogonInteractiveInformation = 1,
    NetlogonNetworkInformation = 2,
    NetlogonServiceInformation = 3,
    NetlogonGenericInformation = 4,
    NetlogonInteractiveTransitiveInformation = 5,
    NetlogonNetworkTransitiveInformation = 6,
    NetlogonServiceTransitiveInformation = 7 } NETLOGON_LOGON_INFO_CLASS;

What I'm wondering is:  What are the Service levels for?  Neither MS-NRPC or MS-APDS seems to define their use.


Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett
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