[cifs-protocol] RE: Status: SRX080909600334: [MS-APDS] Backing store and policy application information

Bill Wesse billwe at microsoft.com
Tue Dec 16 12:01:50 GMT 2008

Good morning Andrew. I have further information for you concerning the disposition of the attached PasswordPolicyAndValidation.pdf document.

The tables and information in PasswordPolicyAndValidation.pdf will not be incorporated into [MS-SAMR] (notes below) due to constraints imposed by the document templates, and maintainability.

Of course, a separate scenario document would be needed to explain the interrelationship of the protocols and their processing of 'on the wire data' as observed in a Windows environment.

I am currently awaiting definition and elaboration on this, with respect to the plan for the upcoming system documents, and will keep you posted as information is forthcoming.


[MS-SAMR] userAccountControl Mapping Table
[MS-SAMR] 5.2 Index of Security Parameters

We have investigated whether additional clarifications are necessary in the two sections (Section & Section 5.2) as suggested by the PasswordPolicyAndValidation.pdf. However, we think these additional modifications to the technical document are not necessary since:

1)      The information in table 2 of the PasswordPolicyAndValidation.pdf is partly provided by another table in section Most of the information presented in table 2 is already present in various sections of MS-SAMR and other technical documents; quoting them again will lead to duplication of information and hence difficulty in maintenance of the document. Having the documentation for a protocol contained in one place (where the appropriate protocol is discussed) is most suitable.

2)      As for table 3 of PasswordPolicyAndValidation.pdf, the columns in the table present in section 5.2 already contain links to the sections whose titles are suggested to be added. Further, this table is in accordance with the template used to create our technical documentation and therefore it would not be appropriate to modify its format/structure.

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On Fri, 2008-11-07 at 09:17 -0800, Bill Wesse wrote:
> Change request for [MS-NRPC]:
> NETLOGON_VALIDATION_SAM_INFO4 Structure Member Derivations and
> References ([MS-NRPC] Status is that the information in the PasswordPolicyAndValidation.pdf document will not become part of the [MS-NRPC] document. This is because of the unwieldy amount of inter-document cross references in the tables.

Then will this be an additional document in the set?  This information needs to be referenced, preserved and maintained - otherwise the documents simply fail to live up to their purpose.

> Change request for [MS-SAMR]:
> Password Policy Checks ([MS-SAMR] 3. Password Validation
> Attributes ([MS-SAMR] 5.2)
> - Documentation development has not yet responded; I have alerted them concerning this.


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