[cifs-protocol] CIFS File copy fails When NAT enabled.

Shankaran Gnanashanmugam gshankaran at juniper.net
Mon Aug 18 12:02:02 GMT 2008



Please respond to my query. Steps to reproduce my problem.


1.	Have a base machine and have one VMware image of any Windows OS
( WinXP in my case).
2.	Make Sure you the VMware Operating system is connected to the
LAN using NAT.
3.	Now try to copy a file to base machine from any of the server
connected to LAN which is some what bigger in size ( to see the impact).
4.	Now try to connect to the server using the VMware OS while the
copy is in progress.
5.	The copy failed with the windows message " The following Network
path no longer exits".


PS: This doesn't occurs if NAT is not used to connect.


Waiting for the reply sooner.




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