[cifs-protocol] Lack of information in MS-MCI about MSZIP

Matthieu Suiche msuiche at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 13:28:59 GMT 2008

As a PFIF subcontractor, I am requesting correction assistance:

In 1.3, the documentation says "MSZIP compression has only minor
variations from Phil Katz's DEFLATE method." but minor variations are
not explained.

Moreover, the documentation also indicates "MCICompress: Calls a
standard implementation of the deflate() function, as specified in
But it looks it doesn't use a standard deflate() function, you don't
explain what parameters you use for deflateInit().

Furthermore, we can read.
"MCICreateCompression: Initializes an MCI_CONTEXT structure (described
later in this specification)."

But this is never described in the specification.

Please update this specification,

Matthieu Suiche

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