[cifs-protocol] Re: Answer: SRX080626600802 : WINS administrative RPC interface

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Thu Aug 14 09:16:14 GMT 2008

People on the mailing lists,

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so that each of us don't have to subscribe to it.


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> Bill Wesse schrieb:
>> Good morning Mr. Metzmacher. I am resending this, since I have not received a response from you.
>> This is in regards to your request that we document the 'WinsPipe' (WINS Server Service API) named pipe interface. We plan to document the remote administrative RPC interface to WINS as part of our Interoperability principles. The documentation will be made available in a new protocol document. At this time the documentation is in the early stages of development. We will make the documentation available in a future documentation refresh.
>> Please let me know if this answers your question satisfactorily; if so, I will consider your question resolved. Thanks for helping us improve our documentation.
> I'm happy when the document is available online.
> metze

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