[cifs-protocol] Re: [linux-cifs-client] POSIX pathnames and the '\'character.

Wagner, Chris (GE Infra, Non-GE, US) chris.wagner at ge.com
Mon Mar 12 21:35:39 GMT 2007

Which brings us back to my suggestion of requiring backslashes only and any client in POSIX mode just has to deal with it, flip the slashes.  Embedded backslash literals then have to be escaped.  I think the debate is down to which mode is more important to adhere to?  Try to get everything POSIX at all costs or make DFS happy at all costs or make whatever, samba etc, happy at all costs.  I don't think using front slashes is that important to POSIX-ness.  Since we're already going out on the network in a strange protocol we're already sort of leaving the POSIX world and we shouldn't be under any obligation to propagate POSIX-ness off the box.

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I am starting to come to this conclusion myself. It's harder
on the clients, as they can be traversing a posix style path
to a posix server, and then be given back a referral in
Windows path mode, and then have to change on the fly
to the relevent delimiter for the referral path only, not
the consumed part..... This gets so hairy that
was what made me junk my client changes above. Currently
I've gone back to '\' separators only in DFS paths until
I think out the client changes needed.


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