[cifs-protocol] RE: [linux-cifs-client] POSIX pathnames and the '\' character.

Wagner, Chris (GE Infra, Non-GE, US) chris.wagner at ge.com
Fri Mar 9 21:17:16 GMT 2007

I've never used DFS so I'm not sure what u mean by having to reply with a redirect of "\server\share\home/userluser/eLItE\haXor/".  Do u mean it has to have a way of interpreting that string or that it should send a redirect to the client saying "u really want this path...".  I think there's a few ways to resolve the ambiguity.  First is to explicitly set the path seperator.  Second would be to infer the path seperator from the first char after the share name. A backslash in the above example.  A third option would be to retain mixed seperators and require a double backslash escape of literal backslashes.  My preference would be to require all backslashes as the sole path seperator and escape literal backslashes like we escape them everywhere else.  A left field possibility would be to require paths to be passed to the server as struct's of some kind.  That would obviate the problem.  

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The problem for me is in POSIX pathname processing
(when both server and client support the UNIX extensions).

Currently the client would send a pathname of :

"/home/userluser/eLItE\haXor/" and the smbd server
would interpret it as :


which is incorrect. Now that's easy to fix, but
the problem is when the client is in unix extensions
posix pathname mode and accesses a DFS share which
needs to reply with a redirect of :



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