[cifs-protocol] Identifying Matching Share Subtrees

Scott Goldstein Scott.Goldstein at bluejungle.com
Tue May 2 16:33:25 GMT 2006

Thank you for your help, Jerry.

One more question, if you don't mind - Suppose I have a share, X.
Through pure CIFS, is it possible to obtain the local path of that
share?  If not, will pure CIFS provide some sort of UID of the local
path that would allow me to compare it with other shares possibly
pointing to the same location?

Thanks, again!


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Scott Goldstein wrote:

> So, if I understand you correctly, you don't know of a way 
> to do this in pure CIFS?
> Given that, do you know if most server implementations 
> of CIFS, which are not windows, support some flavor
> of these rpc calls?

Most do since the srvsvc calls are the only way that I
know of to get enumerate share names > 12 characters in length.
If the CIFS server supports participating within a Windows
domain, you have to support some level of MS-RPC.

cheers, jerry
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