[cifs-protocol] Access check by user x for file y in the context of user z

Reiterer, Horst horst.reiterer at mindbreeze.com
Tue Jan 31 12:54:15 GMT 2006

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your input.

> In CIFS it's possible to do multiple session setup's (with
> different users) on one CIFS connection

Session setup of course requires credentials of all users I create a session
for. In my server application, I only have the credentials of a single
(privileged) user that is authorized to access the given share. Based on
that user, I need to check permission of other users for accessing specific
files - the only thing I have available is the other user's account name.

Does the protocol support impersonating other users in the context of a
single session OR performing an access check based on a different account
name? Judging from the spec, there seems to be no way to accomplish that.
However, Windows-specific resources do mention that SMB supports



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