[cifs-protocol] unicode environment.

Latrell is85022 at cis.nctu.edu.tw
Fri Dec 2 01:10:12 GMT 2005

Hi! All:

I'm working on add unicode support in samba. However, I meet a question as the following description, please advise me.
My smb.conf sets:
        dos charset = UTF8
        display charset = UTF8
        unix charset = UTF8

I use smbmount //share /path -o username=user,passwd=1234 to mount a directory to a user's home dir.
Original I use ASCII charset, and find traditional chinese not supported, thus I change to UTF8, and I can see traditional chinese.
However, when I use CIFS to access the same share, I saw the chinese file name can't be decoded.
After search the website, I've tried using with options codepage=cp950/utf8,iocharset=cp950/utf8, but nothing changed.
Does it mean they use two different encoding?
Thanks in advance.

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