[cifs-protocol] Authentication between Windows 2003 servers

Mian Fahim ul Haq fahim.ul.haq at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 14:04:26 GMT 2005

I am studying the packets that are exchanged between RPC Proxy Server and 
Backend Exhange Server 2003 (in a RPC over HTTP deployment)

I have been reading the NTLM authentication methods and have used the 
challenges given by exchange server to create LM/NTLM responses. These 
responses are not like the ones that are observed in the actual 
communication. I have used the codes in SMB auth files and their response is 

Anyone who can point out the difference. The ethereal recognizes the 
originial communication as NTLM challenge response mechanism and the 
responses are of 24 bytes. However their value is different. What is the 
cause? Has Microsoft changed the Algorithms when two Windows 2003 
communicate with each other or what else?

Fahim ul Haq
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