[ccache] Help with adding support to custom language

Andre Calfa aacalfa at arista.com
Thu Jan 3 22:01:57 UTC 2019

Hi Joel,

Thank you for your reply.

> What problems do you see with your own compiler cache that makes you
> consider
> using ccache instead?
One of the motivations is that our current compiler cache is only supported
locally for each build server. In some cases the compilation of a single
input file takes a long time due to its size, and we cannot avoid its
compilation when the correct cached cpp and h are located in a different
build server. So if we can take advantage of using a distributed approach
which ccache supports, that would be great.

> Does your compiler behave similar to GCC, for instance using "-c" for
> compilation, "-E" for generating preprocessed output similar to that of
> GCC,
> "-x" for selecting source language, etc? If not, my guess is that it's not
> really feasible.

Unfortunately our compiler is not GCC like, as our flags are not analogous
to the GCC ones. I am guessing this would require lots of changes in ccache
code to make it work then?

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