[ccache] why is limit_multiple ignored?

Joel Rosdahl joel at rosdahl.net
Thu Jan 4 21:49:09 UTC 2018

Hi Scott,

On 19 December 2017 at 02:16, Scott Bennett via ccache <
ccache at lists.samba.org> wrote:

>      I set "limit_multiple = 0.95" in ccache.conf and "max_size = 30.0G"
> in ccache.conf, but cleanups are triggered when space usage reaches 24 GB,
> which is the default of 0.8.  Why is this happening with ccache 3.3.4?

The ccache manual is not very good at describing what actually happens at
cleanup. I'll try to improve it.

Here's how cleanup works: After a cache miss, ccache stores the object file
in (a subdirectory of) one of the 16 top level directories in the cache
(0-9, a-f). It then checks if that top level directory holds more than
max_cache_size/16 bytes (and similar for max_files). If yes, ccache removes
files from that top level directory until it contains at most
limit_multiple*max_cache_size/16 bytes. This means that if limit_multiple
is 0.8, the total cache size is expected to hover around 0.9*max_cache_size
when it has filled up. But due to the pseudo-randomness of the hash
algorithm, the cache size can be closer to 0.8*max_cache_size or

The above should be true for any serial usage of ccache. However, ccache is
of course very often called in parallel, and then there is a race condition
since several ccache processes that have stored an object to the same top
level directory may start the cleanup process simultaneously. Since
performing cleanup in a large cache with a low limit_multiple can take a
lot of time, more ccache processes may start to perform cleanup of the same
directory. The race can lead to the final cache size being below
limit_multiple*max_cache_size, perhaps very much so. This is a known
problem. We have had some ideas to improve the admittedly naive cleanup
logic, but nothing has been done yet.

Maybe the above described problem is why you get a 24 GB cache size?

Or maybe you ran "ccache -c"? Unlike what the manual indicates, "ccache -c"
will delete files until each top level directory holds at most

why is limit_multiple ignored?

It isn't. Or don't you see a difference if you e.g. set it to 0.5?

-- Joel

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