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陈冬严 chendy at cffex.com.cn
Sat Nov 4 09:16:53 UTC 2017

Hi Norton,

This is awesome.



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I and most of my co-workers have been using ccache daily for years, It's hard to calculate the whole cost/time saving.

But my ccache stats on my work desktop are:

cache directory                     /home/inb/.ccache
cache hit (direct)               1868638
cache hit (preprocessed)          344752
cache miss                        721058
called for link                   384984
called for preprocessing          125100
multiple source files                369
compiler produced stdout             913
compile failed                    209705
ccache internal error               3881
preprocessor error                 33913
can't use precompiled header         468
couldn't find the compiler            20
cache file missing                     6
bad compiler arguments             10054
unsupported source language         9665
autoconf compile/link             277992
unsupported compiler option      1209071
no input file                      96619
files in cache                     25989
cache size                           2.4 Gbytes
max cache size                       3.0 Gbytes

So, 2.3 million hits vs 720k misses since I last cleared the cache.  It really does save lots of time for each hit

On 2 November 2017 at 05:15, 陈冬严 via ccache <ccache at lists.samba.org<mailto:ccache at lists.samba.org>> wrote:

Hi all,

We are evaluating CCACHE/DISTCC to speed up our compiling and we are asked if it is valid & safe ?

Can someone provide samples/demo/articles that using CCACHE/DISTCC in there projects ?

Btw, better to have a show-case page on CCACHE home page.



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