[ccache] How to omit caching of a specific compilation

Anders Björklund anders at psqr.se
Mon Oct 17 19:17:25 UTC 2016

Mats Nilsson wrote:
> Thank you very much!
>> Is there a way to instruct ccache to not cache the object file from a specific compilation?
>      Look for the following configuration file options in the ccache(1) man
> page for disable, read_only, and read_only_direct to decide which one you
> need for your situation.

It would also be nice to know why it had to be disabled, if there is a 
bug in ccache. Normally caching a compilation shouldn't hurt anything...

Now, certain compilations (e.g. timestamps) one might to avoid compiling
just to not fill the cache with junk. But normally that doesn't happen*.


* i.e. it's a bad idea anyway, for other reasons (reproducability etc)

See https://reproducible-builds.org/ for more on the particular subject.

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