[ccache] Direct mode with -B and -iprefix

Anders Björklund anders at itension.se
Sat Apr 23 09:59:57 UTC 2016

vijay nag wrote:
> Hello ccache,
> Why isn't ccache converting -B and -iprefix paths to relative paths when
> CCACHE_BASEDIR is set ? Should it be converted to relative path ?

Historically, the base dir has been mostly about "your" code...

So not everything with the toolchain, whether it was -MD or -B,
was converted as the compiler was usually sitting still in /usr.
Lately there has been some changes to this (e.g. 60178b7), so
maybe there are more paths that _could_ be converted to relative.

But personally I would probably need to have *two* base paths,
for that to work (one for the source code, one for the toolchain)
So that I could have a base dir of $HOME/myproject but a toolchain
dir of e.g. /usr, just in case I wanted to relocate the toolchain.

Do you have some more examples, of where this is useful (to you) ?


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