[ccache] Caching failed compilations

Andrew Stubbs andrew_stubbs at mentor.com
Fri Jul 24 08:00:52 UTC 2015

On 23/07/15 22:28, Joel Rosdahl wrote:
> (Sorry for the delayed reply, I have been on vacation.)

No problem; me too!

> No no, doing an extra read of initial data is not needed. If something I
> wrote implied that I must have been unclear.

OK, all clear now. I don't recall the exact code path for this stuff, 
and I suspect you'll need to rewrite/inline the copy routine in an ugly 
way, but I see now.

> (I'm a bit surprised that you
> felt the need to explain basic stuff about what's important, to be honest.)

Sorry, it just felt like we were talking past each other, and maybe not 
using the same terminology, so I tried to break the cycle by going back 
to basics.

> I hope this is more clear. I'm beginning to lose faith in my English
> communication skills. :-)

Internet conversations always do that. Not enough non-verbal communication.


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