[ccache] [PATCH]: test: export SHELL from Makefile

Eric Bavier ericbavier at openmailbox.org
Tue Jul 14 23:13:49 UTC 2015

Hello ccache devs,

I get the following test failure when 'SHELL' is not
defined in the environment when `make check` is run (e.g. it is defined
when calling 'configure' instead: `SHELL=/usr/bin configure

test/test_util.c:99: Failed assertion:
  Suite:      util
  Test:       subst_env_in_string
  Expression: subst_env_in_string("$SHELL", &errmsg)
  Expected:   (null)
  Actual:     (null)

However, SHELL is exported by 'configure', so we can easily export its
value when running test/main.  The attached patch does just this.  I
hope you can consider applying it.

Happy Hacking,
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