[ccache] [PATCH] Add support for coverage (compiling for gcov)

Anders Björklund anders at itension.se
Thu Feb 5 23:43:25 MST 2015

Joel Rosdahl wrote:

> (Sorry about the very delayed answer.)

No problem!

> The patch looks good! I plan to only apply fixes to serious bugs on 3.1-maint, so I'll focus on the 3.2-maint version.

That it is OK, we can backport to 3.1 downstream if needed. Will focus on "master" (and 3.2).

> Two questions:
> 1. I get this test suite failure with GCC >= 4.7:
> % CC=gcc-4.7 ./test.sh direct
> No failure with GCC <= 4.6.
> I guess that the "coverage (empty)" test should check that the two runs either both produce no test.gcno files or both produce identical test.gcno files?

Right, I will need to look into this issue with a newer compiler and get back to you.

There's also some issues with absolute/relative paths and cache hits from when using a base directory...

> 2. You wrote "Please include these in ccache, under GNU General Public License v3". Just to clarify: Do you agree to use the same license as the rest of ccache does, which is "GPLv3 or any later version"?

Yes, I meant to use the same license as the rest of the ccache software. So: GPLv3+ ("or any later version") it is.


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