[ccache] Ccache prefetch

Ian Albany albo123 at yandex.com
Sat May 10 23:11:32 MDT 2014


I have what prima facie appears to be a bit of a silly question about ccache. But first, let me just say that I have been uging ccache for over a decade and I am quite happy overall.

However, during many compiltaions I notice that the build time on linux at least varies and I have pinned it down to the fact that most of the blocking withing ccache with my current setup occurs with disk IO.
Has anyone ever played with preloading the cache into the VFS cache ie. RAM as opposed to disk. I have loads of ram and when building say the linux kernel, I can start the build an in the background read the ccache from one disk and the headers and c files using a simple script much in the same way as the preload mechanism works for booting some linux systems. But I think that there is also some history based on previous usage, so the question is, has anyone implemented a second level cache preload?

I mean what innovation has there been in the last ten or so years?


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