[ccache] Ubuntu ccache version?

Andrew Stubbs andrew_stubbs at mentor.com
Thu Oct 10 03:07:53 MDT 2013

On 09/10/13 22:05, Joel Rosdahl wrote:
>     The ccache version included with Ubuntu (and Debian), claims to be
>     version 3.1.9 [...] it lacks the -o and -p options [...]
> The new config handling, including the -o and -p options, is part of the
> development branch and hasn't been released yet. Yes, a 3.2 release is
> way overdue...

Ok, I've got it now:

The git tags are on the "maint" branch in the samba.org repo, but the 
"maint" branch has been merged to the "master" branch (repeatedly), so 
when I clone the repo it *looks* like I'm seeing v3.1.9 plus a _bit_, 
but actually it's plus a _lot_.

If I did a git checkout of the actual tagged commit then I would see the 
same thing Ubuntu has. But I didn't, I've been using git HEAD all this 
time, and never noticed it was different.

If Debian has -o and -p then apparently they did the same as me?

How confusing!

Perhaps the NEWS.txt file should say something about the extra features? 
Then I would have noticed the discrepancy. Of course, it would make 
merging harder.


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