[ccache] memcached with ccache

Roland Haeder roland at mxchange.org
Thu Jun 20 16:13:24 MDT 2013

On 06/20/2013 11:29 PM, Pierre Tardy wrote:
> Hi,
> Back in 2010, there has been some discussion about supporting memcached as
> a backend for ccache:
> https://lists.samba.org/archive/ccache/2010q4/000686.html
> Looks like this thread hasn't result in code, and I did take a few days to
> make an attempt at it.
> Here is the first working code:
> https://github.com/jrosdahl/ccache/pull/30
> Very first bench on my laptop is:
> self compiling ccache:
> 200ms with fs
> 800ms with memcached
> I'll make more bench on our cluster in the next few days.
> Regards,
> Pierre

I can checkout ccache and test it for you, if you need some testing. I 
have Debian Unstable/Wheezy AMD64 here.


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