[ccache] basedir testsuite fails as non-root

Joel Rosdahl joel at rosdahl.net
Tue Jan 1 11:08:41 MST 2013

On 29 November 2012 00:56, Matt <matt at use.net> wrote:
> I'm getting this on RHEL 6.1 when trying to build from source RPM, or with a
> fresh checkout. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/fixes :)
> mhargett at pyrite:~/rpmbuild/BUILD/ccache-3.1.8$ CC='gcc' ./test.sh
> starting testsuite base
> starting testsuite link
> starting testsuite hardlink
> starting testsuite cpp2
> starting testsuite nlevels4
> starting testsuite nlevels1
> starting testsuite basedir
> SUITE: "basedir", TEST: "set CCACHE_BASEDIR" - Expected "cache miss" to be 1, got 0
> cache directory /u/mhargett/rpmbuild/BUILD/ccache-3.1.8/testdir.32495/.ccache
> primary config /u/mhargett/rpmbuild/BUILD/ccache-3.1.8/testdir.32495/ccache.conf
> secondary config      (readonly)
> cache hit (direct)                     0
> cache hit (preprocessed)               0
> cache miss                             0
> preprocessor error                     1

This means that the preprocessor failed unexpectedly.

Is gcc perhaps a wrapper or a masquerading symlink (what does "which gcc" say?)?

One way of troubleshooting the problem is to locate "Result:
preprocessor error" in testdir.XXXXX/ccache.log, then look for the
previous "Running preprocessor" log. After that log line, it says
"Executing /path/to/gcc ...arguments...". That's the command that
failed. Try running it manually to get some clues.

-- Joel

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