[ccache] [PATCH] Use bash for test.sh.

Eitan Adler lists at eitanadler.com
Mon Nov 12 11:17:24 MST 2012

On 12 November 2012 13:11, Eitan Adler <lists at eitanadler.com> wrote:
> On 12 November 2012 13:04, Mike Frysinger <vapier at gentoo.org> wrote:
>> yes, when people tell you forcing asinine behavior is wrong, you label them
>> trolls.  i guess that's how you "win" arguments.
> Claiming that systems without /bin/bash are "crap" shows a level of
> naivete that only someone new to the open source world has. It was a
> choice between actual
> incompetence (unlikely) or pretend incompetence (a troll).
> On to the substance instead of my mistaken ad hominem :
> 1) Even on systems with a binary called /bin/bash using "#!/bash/bash" is wrong
> 2) Many systems don't ship with bash at all for licensing, technical,
> or preference reasons
> 3) Most operating systems that ship bash don't ship it in /bin
> The only correct behaviors are using
> #!/usr/bin/env bash to find the bash binary
> or
> #!/bin/sh  which is mandated to exist by POSIX

actually one more valid behavior:

[ -z "$BASH" ] && bash $0

though this is far less common and I'm not sure if it has any
positives or negatives versus the 'env' approach.

Eitan Adler

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