[ccache] ccache version 3.1.8 has been released

Joel Rosdahl joel at rosdahl.net
Sat Aug 11 07:29:24 MDT 2012

I'm happy to announce ccache version 3.1.8, which is a release with bug fixes
and other minor improvements.

Details may be read in the release notes:


Source archives are available here:


The source archives have been signed with my OpenPGP key (BB845E97):


You can run "gpg --verify ccache-3.1.8.tar.*.asc" to check the source
archive integrity after download.

New features and improvements:

  - Made paths to dependency files relative in order to increase cache hits.

  - Added work-around to make ccache work with buggy GCC 4.1 when creating a
    pre-compiled header.

  - Clang plugins are now hashed to catch plugin upgrades.

Bug fixes:

  - Fixed crash when the current working directory has been removed.

  - Fixed crash when stderr is closed.

  - Corrected a corner case when parsing backslash escapes in string literals.

  - Paths are now correctly canonicalized when computing paths relative to the
    base directory.


  - Made git version macro work when compiling outside of the source directory.

  - Fixed static_assert macro definition clash with GCC 4.7.

-- Joel

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