[ccache] Implemented x_realpath on windows and make master compile on windows again.

Joel Rosdahl joel at rosdahl.net
Wed Aug 1 06:39:14 MDT 2012

On 31 July 2012 14:58, Patrick von Reth <patrick.vonreth at gmail.com> wrote:
> I implemented x_realpath on windows to make the curent version compile on
> windows again.

Applied with some code formatting tweaks. Thanks!

> But with the patch you will nead atleast Windows Wista, it won't work on
> windows XP anymore.
> [...] but always got configure: error: cannot run
> /bin/sh /q/ccache-src/config.sub maybe you can find a better way.

ccache didn't include config.sub and config.guess before since they
weren't necessary. I've added them now along with the configure.ac
change you proposed. Could you try latest master
(84063e90c704b9d03adef99fe62769fb743c1c0c) to see if it works like

-- Joel

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