[ccache] Ccache and cross compilers

DATACOM - Samuel Lucas samuellucas at datacom.ind.br
Mon Jul 9 11:06:00 MDT 2012


I'm using ccache in a project with gcc 4.0 power pc compilers from ELDK 4.

We have two powerpc architectures (ppc_6xx-gcc and ppc_8xx-gcc). In ELDK 
both ppc_6xx-gcc and ppc_8xx-gcc are symbolic links to a single binary, 
powerpc-linux-gcc, which produces different objects depending on the how 
it was invoked (which symlink was used).

I'm wondering if it's safe to use a single ccache directory for both 
architectures or I must use separated directories for each architecture. 
The compiler's mtime, size and content are the same for both.

Does anyone knows if ccache uses also the compiler name for the hash? 
Does it follow symbolic links for that?


  - Samuel

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