[ccache] FATAL: Could not create ... (permission denied?)

Joel Rosdahl joel at rosdahl.net
Wed May 30 11:34:43 MDT 2012

On 29 May 2012 21:03, Andy Lutomirski <luto at amacapital.net> wrote:
> I just enabled precompiled headers in my project, and I'm getting
> intermittent ccache failures.

Thanks for the bug report!

> The log says (partially redacted):
> [2012-05-29T11:35:36.768787 27203] === CCACHE STARTED =========================================

ccache started with PID 27203.

> [...]
> [2012-05-29T11:35:36.769448 27203] Executing [...]
> [2012-05-29T11:35:36.769563 27204] Unlink /home/luto/.ccache/tmp/FieldGroup.tmp.my_machine.localdomain.27203.ii (as-tmp)

Running the preprocessor in child with PID 27204.

> [...]
> [2012-05-29T11:35:37.161938 27203] Executing [...]
> [2012-05-29T11:35:37.162056 27215] Unlink /home/luto/.ccache/0/5/86c6c606e035773cb8c1c6e56dfb76-3188758.o.tmp.stdout.my_machine.localdomain.27203 (as-tmp)

Running the real compiler in child with PID 27215. Looks good so far.

> [2012-05-29T11:35:37.377566 26882] Unlink /home/luto/.ccache/0/5/86c6c606e035773cb8c1c6e56dfb76-3188758.o.tmp.stderr.my_machine.localdomain.27203 via /home/luto/.ccache/0/5/86c6c606e035773cb8c1c6e56dfb763188758.o.tmp.stderr.my_machine.localdomain.27203.my_machine.localdomain.26882.rmXXXXXX

However, this is unexpected. Where did PID 26882 come from? The error
later in the log is a consequence of PID 26882 removing the indicated

Judging from time stamps, it looks as if the compiler somehow has
called ccache, perhaps when executing some internal helper program.
How peculiar.

Does the log contain more rows for PID 26882?

Which ccache version did you use?

-- Joel

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