[ccache] Should 3.1.7 contain commit 469267b2be49d6acdca5058e3e744a508ce3da5d ?

Gerard Snitselaar dev at snitselaar.org
Mon Mar 5 14:28:29 MST 2012

I ran into an issue while doing a build of the Factor programming language. They
do a test in their build script to see if some libraries are available by doing
a quick build attempt and link with that library and then check status to see
if it failed. Because they didn't want messages on the console from this, they
closed stderr. This caused a segfault with ccache. steup_uncached_err() was
failing the dup() of stderr, and calling failed(), which then called args_strip()
which dies because args hadn't been allocated at that point.

Commit 469267b2be49d6acdca5058e3e744a508ce3da5d looks like it fixes this and
was added last July, but the tree with tag 3.1.7 does not appear to have this change. 
I am on Fedora 16, and they pulled in 3.1.7 to their ccache package. Should this change
be visible in 3.1.7 ?

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