[ccache] Minor enhancement request: Handling of CCACHE_PREFIX when it is defined as a null string

Frank Klotz frank.klotz at alcatel-lucent.com
Tue Feb 7 11:38:03 MST 2012

   Could a CCACHE_PREFIX defined as a null string please be treated as 
if it were undefined, rather than as a fatal error?

Yes, of course, I can fix this in my script by making sure I undefine it 
if I don't want a prefix, but I got a little surprised when resetting it 
from "distcc" to "" caused a fatal ccache failure.  And it was a bit 
nasty to debug.

I think I see two places in ccache.c that would be affected here:

Around line 218:
      if ((e = getenv("CCACHE_PREFIX"))) {
          char *p = find_executable(e, MYNAME);
          if (!p) {
              fatal("%s: %s", e, strerror(errno));
          args_add_prefix(orig_args, p);

(Change that first line to something like this?
          if ((e = getenv("CCACHE_PREFIX")) && strlen (e) > 0) {

And line 1944:
      env = getenv("CCACHE_PREFIX");
      if (env) {
          char *p = find_executable(env, MYNAME);
          if (!p) {
              fatal("%s: %s", env, strerror(errno));
          cc_log("Using command-line prefix %s", env);
          args_add_prefix(compiler_args, p);

And change the second line here to
      if (env && strlen (env) > 0) {

And you might want to consider refactoring this 
almost-but-not-quite-identical code into a function or macro - not sure 
why there are two versions....

Frank Klotz

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