[ccache] How to support another compiler?

Zhou, Yang Yang.Zhou at Polycom.com
Thu Nov 17 20:34:54 MST 2011

Hi all,

I want to use ccache to optimize the compilation of my project. However, another compiler(not gcc) is used for the compilation. The compiler options are different from those of gcc. But I think the compilation process should be similar.
I tried to compile with ccache, from the log, every time the manifest file can't be found, and can't find the object file in manifest. After that, preprocessor runs, and got object file hash from preprocessor, but the object file is not in cache.
So the real compiler runs every time.
Seems the results of real compilation are not stored into the cache.
Do you think it's possible to change ccache source code to support the my compiler? If possible, which part of code should be updated? Thanks a lot!

Best Regards,

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