[ccache] Support for -fprofile-generate, -fprofile-use, -fprofile-arcs

Jonathan Martens jonathan at snetram.nl
Mon Aug 15 05:49:20 MDT 2011

On 14-8-2011 19:53, Joel Rosdahl wrote:
> On 2011-08-02 03:52, Chris AtLee wrote:
>> My latest code on github should address all the comments so far:
>> https://github.com/catlee/ccache/compare/jrosdahl:master...catlee:profile
> Merged now. Thanks!
> -- Joel

This commit brakes compilation on windows with the following errror:

     gcc -g -O2 -Wall -W  -o ccache.exe main.o ccache.o mdfour.o hash.o 
execute.o util.o args.o stats.o version.o cleanup.o snprintf.o unify.o 
manifest.o hashtable.o hashtable_itr.o murmurhashneutral2.o hashutil.o 
getopt_long.o exitfn.o lockfile.o counters.o language.o compopt.o -Lzlib 
  -lzccache.o: In function `cc_process_args':
undefined reference to `x_realpath'
     collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
     make: *** [ccache.exe] Error 1

This seems to be because x_realpath is defined inside a #ifndef _WIN32 
block in util.c however it is referenced without such a clause in 
ccache.c like this:

/* Convert to absolute path. */
arg_profile_dir = x_realpath(arg_profile_dir + 1);

I am not sure if the code needs to be in an ifndef construct, as I have 
not looked at it too much.

Kind regards,


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