[ccache] build octave with ccache causes segfault when checkinstall

Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso jordigh at octave.org
Mon Aug 1 11:43:40 MDT 2011

On 4 July 2011 07:44, Andreas Weber <info at tech-chat.de> wrote:
> if I try to build the latest octave development source with ccache
> and afterwards checkinstall, the process fails on checkinstall.
> This looks like ccache causes a segfault. I have reproduced this on
> different machines over the last 4 months.
> If I run checkinstall without ccache it completes without error.
> So my big questions are:
> Am I doing something wrong in building octave?

Doeosn't look like it.

> Do you have the same problems when using ccache and checkinstall.

Yes, I was just able to reproduce it.

> Should I fill a bug report against ccache (my guess) or checkinstall?

Well, ccache shouldn't be segfaulting, but is this a problem about
Octave at all? Have you tried to build another project with ccache and

- Jordi G. H.

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