[ccache] Passing plain compiler-name to distcc (via CCACHE_PREFIX)?

David Gardner daveg at xmos.com
Mon Jun 6 09:10:02 MDT 2011

Currently ccache expands the specified compiler command before calling
the prefixed compiler.  This causes calls such as :

 /usr/bin/distcc /usr/bin/gcc foo.c <options>

..to be made.  This stops distcc from being able to use the local path
on the remote machine to find a suitable gcc.  Is it possible to have
ccache pass the original non-absolute name for the compiler command?
This would allow for gcc to be installed in different locations on
remote machines.

i.e. /usr/bin/distcc gcc foo.c <options>

If this isn't possible with the current ccache then I am happy to make
a patch to add this as an option and to submit it to the list for review.

  Many thanks,

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