[ccache] Could ccache handle the input as .o file as well as source file.

xiaoxiao xiaoxiao at baidu.com
Mon Mar 14 21:17:28 MDT 2011

I've been using ccache recently, in order to decline the compilation
time for a certain module. In this module, with the help of the greatest
ccache, the time could be shorten to 5 mins from 40 mins without any
modification. However, even if the output of all the source files are
cached, we have to take about the 5 mins mainly in the linking action,
eg: a.o -> test_a(exetuable). Since I have noticed that ccache do not
take the .o file as a input to be cached. The actions as linking would
certainly not be ccached, and thus the time for linking would not
significant reduced.
Given this background, I have a few questions to talk about. Have anyone
ever considered to build up a mapping between .o file and its output? If
so, why ccache did not provide such feature. If not, do you think it is
a reasonable feature for ccache to reduce the time for linking in a



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