[ccache] Preprocessor stdout regression since v2.4

Joel Rosdahl joel at rosdahl.net
Mon Feb 28 14:13:04 MST 2011

On 2011-02-28 13:11, Mike Crowe wrote:
> Well, it's a bit of an anomaly. I always understood that ccache was
> capable of being symlinked to from any name and it would just cope by
> executing the correct program further down the path.  It seems rather
> odd if there is one program for which it does not do this correctly,
> particularly if that program is often found alongside the compiler.

I don't think that has ever been true; it just happens to work for many
programs. For instance, ccache 2.4 does not work correctly with this


    if [ $2 = -E ]; then
        touch oh-oh
        exit 1

    if [ -f oh-oh ]; then
        echo Jello, Mike! >&2
        rm -f oh-oh
        echo Hello, Mike! >&2

Save the script to theprogram and run it like this:

    chmod +x theprogram
    touch empty.c
    ./theprogram -c empty.c
    ccache ./theprogram -c empty.c

OK, silly example, but still: ccache has always assumed that the
compiler behaves in certain ways.

> But, since I'm not volunteering to fix it I can live with it. :)

Right. :-)

-- Joel

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