[ccache] How to make ccache not interpret 'multiple'

NITIN KHOSLA, BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEXIN nkhosla1 at bloomberg.net
Thu Jan 20 15:29:30 MST 2011

Thanks Joel. I made the change and it seems to be working.
Though it works even when I do 'not' use --ccache-skip flag at all.
a) Is that what you expect?
b) It works for simple files But for a heavily templatized source file(object size = 23mb). ccache returned "compiler produced no output" but object file is generated   
   In cache log
   [2011-01-20T17:10:13.149794 1100 ] Compiler didn't produce an object file
   Result: compiler produced no output
  ===> Any clues in debugging that?
Goal: I am trying to use ccache to reduce compilation time for heavily templatized code(10 lines of code = 20-30mb of object file and many of such files). I may have to increase default size of 1GB to more. but if there
are any other suggestions/limitations to be aware of, please let me know.


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> Facing an issue with solaris compiler options.
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