[ccache] Issues using ccache

NITIN KHOSLA, BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEXIN nkhosla1 at bloomberg.net
Thu Jan 20 11:52:33 MST 2011

Ok. Found it. ccache only works with compiler. So -c option has to be there. 
Tried with solaris compiler.

a) CC compiler's one of the options are as -xprefetch=no%auto,explicit 
ccache log says:
[2011-01-20T13:45:30.259109 13240] Unsupported language: prefetch=no%auto,explicit
[2011-01-20T13:45:30.259199 13240] Failed; falling back to running the real compiler
[2011-01-20T13:49:05.281862 3809 ] Result: unsupported source language
I tried ccache PATH/CC --ccache-skip but that did not help.

Should not that --ccache-skip ignore interpretation of compiler option?

b) Manpage says it may not work with other compiler than gcc/g++. 
   Can anybody confirm that ccache will not work AIX/SunOS compiler suite.

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