[ccache] Issues using ccache

NITIN KHOSLA, BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEXIN nkhosla1 at bloomberg.net
Thu Jan 20 10:20:52 MST 2011

I am using first time. I have read documentation but not found my answers.
Simple command: ccache gcc -o 1.o 1.c
ccache -V
ccache version 3.1.4

a) Ran first time and then second time. What called for link means?
   called for link                        1
   called for link                        2

   It should find it from cache second time. It did not.
   cache hit (direct)                     0
   cache miss                             0

b) I created a ccache log file(log below is same for exactly same above mentioned gcc command called multiple times). :
   [2011-01-20T12:01:14.788191 10060] Hostname: sun15
[2011-01-20T12:01:14.788261 10060] Working directory: /home/nkhosla
[2011-01-20T12:01:14.788969 10060] No -c option found
[2011-01-20T12:01:14.789013 10060] Failed; falling back to running the real comp
[2011-01-20T12:01:14.789038 10060] Executing /opt/swt/bin/gcc -o 1.o 1.c
[2011-01-20T12:01:14.790973 10060] Acquired lock /home/nkhosla/.ccache/a/stats.l
[2011-01-20T12:01:14.798012 10060] Releasing lock /home/nkhosla/.ccache/a/stats.
[2011-01-20T12:01:14.798080 10060] Unlink /home/nkhosla/.ccache/a/stats.lock (as
[2011-01-20T12:01:14.798677 10060] Result: called for link
c) Running with solaris compiler (CC) somewhere calls ccfe. And for that, ccache says 
"unsupported source language            1"

Can someone please comment or let me know if I am doing something not right?

thank you all,

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