[ccache] Using ccache with memcached

Wilson Snyder wsnyder at wsnyder.org
Thu Nov 25 15:45:30 MST 2010

>> We have about 100 machines, with about 400 cores - a mix of
>> older 2 socket up to modern 12 core systems.  Compiles are
>> ~~10% of the work load.  The NFS server with CCACHE_DIR has
>> 6 RAID-5 disks; it does other things too, not just ccache.
>> We decided to bond 4 ethernet ports into the NFS server as
>> we saw occasional bottlenecks exceeding 1GbE out of that
>> server.
>Quite interesting. Why does the compilers only take 10% of the time? Are 
>you saying that ccache does the rest 90%?

I meant on average 10% of the cpus are doing compilation,
the other 90% of the farm is doing other things.


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