[ccache] ccache 3.0 has been released

Joel Rosdahl joel at rosdahl.net
Sun Jun 20 13:26:33 MDT 2010

I'm happy to announce ccache version 3.0, which contains lots of new
features and bug fixes.

The most notable new features are the direct mode, which speeds up
ccache several times compared to previous versions, and the basedir
support, which helps to improve cache hit rate when compiling in
different directories using absolute paths.

To read a complete list of improvements since version 2.4, please see
the news file:


You can also read about the new features in the manual:


Source archives can be found here:


The source archives have been signed with my OpenPGP key (BB845E97):


You can run "gpg --verify ccache-3.0.tar.*.asc" to check the source
archive integrity after download.

Changes since version 3.0pre1:

- The statistics counter "files in cache" once again counts the real
  number of files in the cache.
- Removed the CCACHE_VERBOSE option since the executed command lines
  are now logged to the log file.
- Added support for Objective-C and Objective-C++. The statistics
  counter "not a C/C++ file" has been renamed to "unsupported source
- Added support for the "-x" compiler option.
- You can relax some checks that ccache does in direct mode by setting
  CCACHE_SLOPPINESS. See the manual for more information.
- Various portability improvements.
- Errors when using multiple "-arch" compiler options are now noted as
  "unsupported compiler option".
- The ccache binary is now not unconditionally stripped when installing.
- Statistics counters are now correctly updated for "-E" option failures
  and internal errors.
- Bail out on too hard "-frepo" compiler option.

-- Joel

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