[ccache] performance of a network-shared ccache

Steffen Schuldenzucker s.schuldenzucker at much-net.de
Fri Apr 30 01:17:19 MDT 2010

Dear list,


This is my first post, so - hello!


At work, I find me and the other developers waiting quite a lot of time for
our code to compile, especially when someone made a tiny change that
requires a total compilation of the whole project.

Therefore, I'd like to set up a cache that is shared over the network across
ca. 15 development workstations. Besides some technical challenges (we're on
Windows, we're using Visual Studio etc.) I was wondering:


Is it worth it? How well does it scale? Won't the network become a

I'd be happy to hear of any experiences made with this.


Thanks a lot,


Steffen Schuldenzucker

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