[ccache] [PATCH] Add support for the -x GCC switch

Dirk Best startaq at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 02:11:56 MDT 2010


> I see that you reuse the extensions array to find out the language, but that
> will only handle the c and c++ cases. It would be nice to handle
> c-cpp-output and c++-cpp-output as well.

I haven't really looked into that yet, as the project I added support
for doesn't require it. Is there any special handling required for
those or can we handle this with an entry in the extension table?

> Another minor problem is that
> ccache will accept things like "-x cc", while gcc will not. Also, it seems
> that GCC accepts both "-x language" and "-xlanguage" forms; we should handle
> this as well.

I agree, this should be fixed.

> I think it would be better to have a separate array to map language to
> source code extension:
>    c -> c
>    c-cpp-output -> i
>    c++ -> c++
>    c++-cpp-output -> ii
>    otherwise -> stats_update(STATS_UNSUPPORTED); failed();
> And then we can use the extensions array to find out i_extension.

This would certainly be a cleaner solution yes.

I'll prepare an updated patch that takes care about some of those issues.


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