[ccache] The future of ccache

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Wed Jan 6 15:22:27 MST 2010

Hi Joel,

 > The latest ccache version was released over five years ago. What's the
 > future of ccache?

I think it's probably time to find a new maintainer - the lack of
releases stems from 2 things:

 1) great intentions running into lack of time :-)

 2) the lack of serious bugs in ccache that forced a new release

I've been particularly slack in merging some of the patches Francois
did (see http://people.debian.org/~francois/ccache_patches.html). I
discussed this with him at the last LCA, and explained why I didn't
like some of the patches. For example, the compression patch is badly
done I think (it doesn't cope with changing the compression option -
it should either use a .gz extension for compressed cache files, or
recognise them by reading the header).

 > The reason I'm asking is that I have been hacking on ccache (more about
 > that in a separate mail), and, if possible, I would prefer to
 > contribute my work to ccache in some way instead of forking my own
 > ccache clone project. So, what's the way forward here? If wanted, I'm
 > open to help (co-)maintaining ccache.

Are your patches in a tree somewhere that I could look at?

If I find someone doing good patches and who has the time to do
maintainence properly then I'd be happy to hand over maintainership.

I'd want to be very sure of the person though. Bugs in ccache can be
very subtle, and I don't want to end up breaking lots of projects that
rely on ccache because of poor testing. 

Cheers, Tridge

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