[ccache] Questions about CCACHE and shared cache

Vincent Dupuis vincedupuis at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 10 08:48:17 MDT 2009


I would like to share the cache of our continuous build server in read only.

I think I need to set those variables:

On each developer machine.

CCACHE_DIR = /share/builds/ccache
CCACHE_TEMPDIR = /tmp/ccache
CCACHE_LOGFILE = /tmp/ccache/ccache.log

On the build server.

CCACHE_DIR = /share/builds/ccache
CCACHE_LOGFILE = /buildResults/yyyymmdd/ccache.log


The CCACHE_NOLINK variable is not listed in the ccache 
environment variables in the man page.
Is it a special variable reserved for sharing the cache?

When using the CCACHE_READONLY on the developper
machine, are the stats are off by default because the 
stats are written in the cache?
Do I need to set the CCACHE_NOSTATS?

Do the log file will work locally on the developer computer
even if with the CCACHE_NOSTATS?

In the man page, it is written:
    The default is the same as CCACHE_DIR. Note that the 
    CCACHE_TEMPDIR  path must be on the same filesystem 
    as the CCACHE_DIR path, so that renames of files between 
    the two directories can work
I'm not sure what does it means in my situation. Did I set
correctly the CCACHE_TEMPDIR varible on the developer's machine?

ccache uses the "real compilers size and modification time"
in is hash. What does it means? Executable size?
Modification time of what?

Do I need to set the CCACHE_TEMPDIR on the server side?

How ccache deals with the current working directory?
The developers and the server current working directory can 
be different and so the debugging information inside.

How ccache deals with the macros '__FILE__' , '__DATE__' ,
'__TIME__' ?

Thanks a lot for helping me.

I know I asked a lot of question ;)

Best Regards,

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